Demo_Session_3 – RAC Clusterware Startup Sequence & Troubleshooting logs

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Demo_Session_3 - RAC Clusterware Startup Sequence & Troubleshooting logs
Demo_Session_3 – RAC Clusterware Startup Sequence & Troubleshooting logs
Introduction to Clusterware & RAC Architecture
a) Differences between Standalone and RAC Databases
b) Oracle Clusterware Configuration
c) Client Connections to Database
d) RAC Shared Storage
e) RAC Background Processes
f) Control/Redo/Database/SP Files
g) Clusterware Software Components(Voting Disk & OCR)
h) OLR (Oracle Local Registry)
i) Oracle Clusterware Startup Sequence
j) How to find out RAC Database
k) Clusterware Troubleshooting Logs

Couse Curriculum:
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Course fees: 15K INR

Course Details:
This RAC course will be weekend batch (Saturday & Sunday Only)
1. Weekend Classes are on: Saturday and Sunday
2. Weekend classes will be of 4 hours each day
3. Class timings 08:00 AM IST to 12:00 AM IST
4. Course duration will be of 5-6 weekends (Appx 40 to 48 hours)

Course Key Notes:
1. Weekend batch will be of 4 hours on Saturday & Sunday
2. This is Oracle RAC Workshop
3. Theory and Live demonstration on each topic
4. Daily sessions will be recorded and uploaded to google drive
5. Lab, Quiz, Workbook, Tools/Software given in advance
6. Each topic will be having quiz and multiple-choice answers
7. Daily practical task will be assigned and reviewed
8. This course will be covering real time demonstration and examples
9. Resume and Cover letter writing after course completion
10. We will be reviewing the Interview Questions
11. After the course we will be conducting the Mock Interview

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