How to Add Diskgroup in ASM #dailyDBA 6

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How to Add Diskgroup in ASM #dailyDBA 6
How to Add Diskgroup in ASM #dailyDBA 6
In this episode of daily DBA, I pick up 6 important #DBA related questions and give my answers! Do not forget to checkout BONUS QUESTION at the end of the video!

00:00 Intro
01:50 If we perform a switchover operation in real time. How will we have to manage the connection string for end users? since after switchover standby will act as a primary database. Do we have to modify connection string for all the user at client side? or is there any other thing which is need to be done?
07:45 How to add the disk group in ASM and how to tell the steps in interview ?
10:29 How can I reduce the gap between primary and standby Database?
17:27 What are all the monitoring tools used by DBAs now and before?
21:14 Is there any query to get list of tables that should be reorganized? I have a problem in free space in the FS and I need to reduce the datafiles size?
22:12 We have 2 node RAC setup and when I try to connect via connection string, I get /”connection lost/” error. When I try to connect again, the connection succeeds. What could be the issue?
Bonus Question
24:58 What is the meaning of “migration” in “Oracle (database) migration”?


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