How to Implement Master Data Management with Oracle TCA Architecture Use Case & Guide

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How to Implement Master Data Management with Oracle TCA Architecture Use Case & Guide
How to Implement Master Data Management with Oracle TCA Architecture Use Case & Guide
Streamline your order-to-cash process with Oracle Trading Community Architecture (TCA) for a 360-degree view of trading partners.

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Are you looking to improve your order-to-cash process by gaining a better understanding of your trading partners and their relationships?

Look no further! In this tutorial, we will explore Oracle Trading Community Architecture (TCA), which can help you achieve just that.

By the end of this video, you will be able to:
a) Simplify your order-to-cash process and ensure smoother transactions
b) Increase customer satisfaction.
c) Say goodbye to scattered data and siloed information.
d) Embrace a centralized repository that consolidates all relevant information.
e) Make informed decisions.

In just two minutes, learn how TCA can revolutionize the way you manage customer information and relationships!

00:00 – 00:34 – Introduction
00:34 – 00:44 – Supplier or Customer?
00:44 – 01:10 – Disconnected Information
01:10 – 02:15 – What is Trading Community Architecture (TCA)?
02:15 – 02:21 – Ending Notes

Ready to optimize your order-to-cash process? Watch the video now to discover the benefits of Oracle Trading Community Architecture.

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