Oracle Data Guard Client Connectivity TNS Entries

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Oracle Data Guard Client Connectivity TNS Entries
Oracle Data Guard Client Connectivity TNS Entries
The Oracle Database Administrator (#DBA) faces the challenge of switching #clients to the newly activated #standby #database which is now running as the new primary database.
The Data Guard is best management monitoring tool provided by #ORACLE to reduce the #failover time when Primary system goes down. Data Guard helps in transferring the redo data files to the Standby site. Data Guard maintains Standby databases as transactional consistent copies of production database. When the Primary system fails due to some error the Data Guard can switch to any Standby database.

00:00 Client Connectivity
03:59 Client Configuration
06:32 Practical LAB
06:46 Create a database services on primary
19:07 Create a procedure for services
23:50 Create Triggers
26:46 Start the new service
27:34 Edit clients tnsnames.ora
29:44 Download/Install SQL client


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