Oracle Data Guard Manual Failover Steps

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Oracle Data Guard Manual Failover Steps
Oracle Data Guard Manual Failover Steps
Failover transitions a #standby #database to the #primary role in response to a primary database failure. If the primary database was not operating in either maximum protection mode or maximum availability mode before the failure, some data loss may occur. After a #failover, the failed database no longer participates in the Data Guard configuration. It needs to be reinstated to become an active part of #DataGuard configuration.
A Failover can be performed when all or most of the information until the Unavailability of the Primary Database was propagated to the Standby. The usage of Standby #Redo #Logs is a great advantage here. If you have no Standby Redo Logs available, you will always encounter some Data Loss (depending on the Changes since the latest #Log_Switch)

00:00 What is failover
08:12 Dealing with crashed primary
08:21 Rebuild primary server
09:01 Configure physical standby
09:52 Flashback
12:49 Manual Failover Steps
16:03 Failover activity


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