Oracle Data Guard Manual Switchover

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Oracle Data Guard Manual Switchover
Oracle Data Guard Manual Switchover
Switchover can be done without #dataguard. Using #switchover operation we can convert physical #standby #database to primary and #primary database to physical standby database in #Oracle. Switchover operation can be performed without dataguard and with dataguard.
There is no #data loss during a switchover. After a switchover, each database continues to participate in the Data Guard configuration with its new role.

00:00 Perform manual switchover
04:10 Switchover configuration
05:31 Check primary and standby for gap
07:15 Convert primary to standby
11:08 Execute query on client
11:22 Convert standby to primary
12:00 Check client query
16:18 Get back to original setup
19:13 Edit TNS entries-example


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