Oracle Database Backup and Recovery Session 1

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Oracle Database Backup and Recovery Session 1
Oracle Database Backup and Recovery Session 1
#Backup and recovery is to protect the database against data loss and reconstruct the #database after data loss. Backup has been splitted into two methods: Physical backup – Physical backup is a backup of the physical files used in storing and recovering your database. Such as datafiles, control files, archived redo log files. Logical backup – Logical backup is exporting the logical data (table,tablespace,schemas) from a database with an #Oracle export utility and stored in a binary file.

0:00 Intro
2:57 Agenda
4:32 Introduction to Backup
14:48 Backup and Recovery Rules
24:12 What to Backup?
30:41 Cold Database backup
41:41 Cold Database Recovery
1:43:10 Types of Backup
1:52:27 Recovery Methodology
1:53:29 Hot Database Backup
1:59:08 Hot Database Recovery


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