Oracle RAC database management Oracle RAC Commands crsctl vs srvctl command

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Oracle RAC database management Oracle RAC Commands crsctl vs srvctl command
Oracle RAC database management Oracle RAC Commands crsctl vs srvctl command
Learn Oracle RAC database important commands Understand how to start or stop rac database along with CRS services Also, learn how to add datafile or how to rename datafile in the RAC database. How to change any parameter in the RAC database.

Oracle RAC database admin commands

How to manage parameter files, control files, datafile and redo log file in RAC

The topics covered in this tutorial are listed below:

03:27 How to start and stop RAC cluster/grid
23:15 crsctl vs srvctl
26:37 How to verify Oracle RAC Configuration
29:40 How to stop and start RAC DB/Instance
32:12 How to rename/Multiplex control file in RAC
37:37 How to manage spfile in RAC on ASM
44:41 How to add and rename datafile in RAC
52:22 How to rename or resize Redo log file in RAC
55:07 How to change any parameter in RAC

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