Oracle Trace File Analyzer (TFA) All in One Diagnostic Tool for Grid and Database Issue – Overview

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Oracle Trace File Analyzer (TFA) All in One Diagnostic Tool for Grid and Database Issue - Overview
Oracle Trace File Analyzer (TFA) All in One Diagnostic Tool for Grid and Database Issue – Overview
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In this video, briefly discussed all about Oracle Trace File Analyzer (TFA) tool for diagnosing Grid and Database issue in detail.


As a DBA, you’re expected to do more work, with fewer resources all the time. You’re under pressure to keep missioncritical apps up and running. When something goes wrong, everyone looks to you to understand what happened and
how to fix it

Oracle Trace File Analyzer helps you perform real-time health monitoring, fault detection & diagnosis via a single interface. It will securely consolidate all distributed diagnostic data.

Its continuously available and watching your logs for significant problems that may affect your service. If desired it can also automatically collect the relevant diagnostics, when it sees these problems.

Oracle Trace File Analyzer knows what is relevant in log files. This allows it to trim them to the smallest size, yet still gather everything necessary. It also collects data across cluster nodes and consolidates everything in one place. Once done collecting it can automatically upload the collection to Oracle Support.

Autonomous Diagnostic Collections:

The resource footprint is small. You will not usually be aware it is running. The only times Trace File Analyzer will consume noticeable
CPU are:

» When performing an inventory of diagnostic files
» During diagnostic collection

Trace File Analyzer (TFA) will watch your logs for significant problems, such as internal errors like ORA-00600 or node evictions. If
detected it will:

 Invoke any necessary diagnostics and collect all relevant log data at the time of a problem
 Trim log files around the time of the problem, so it only collects what is necessary for diagnosis
 Collect and package all trimmed diagnostics. From all nodes in the cluster, consolidating everything on a single node
 Store the collection in the repository
 Send you email notification of the problem and details of diagnostic collection, ready for upload to Oracle Support
 You can then either use TFA to upload the collection to Oracle Support, if you can make a connection from that environment, or transfer the collection somewhere else for upload

On-demand Analysis and Collection:

You can run Oracle Trace File Analyzer on-demand via the command line tool tfactl.
The tfactl command can:
» Provide you a real-time status summary
» Perform analysis using a combination of different database tools, using a common syntax.
» Collect all relevant diagnostic log data, with logs trimmed files around the time, collecting only what is necessary for diagnosis
» Securely consolidate all distributed collections on the node where tfactl was run from
» Upload the collection to Oracle Support

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