ORACLE VM SERVER FOR X86 – ADMINISTRATION – Introducing Oracle VM (2-14)

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ORACLE VM SERVER FOR X86 - ADMINISTRATION - Introducing Oracle VM (2-14)
ORACLE VM SERVER FOR X86 – ADMINISTRATION – Introducing Oracle VM (2-14)
The Oracle VM Server for x86: Administration course explores building the infrastructure for open cloud computing. Expert Oracle University instructors will show you how to support enterprise applications by deploying pooled server resources to create virtual machines.

Learn To:
* Plan a virtual solution.
* Install the Oracle VM Server for x86 and the Oracle VM Manager software.
* Configure network resources to provide isolation and redundancy.
* Add SAN and NFS to provision storage for the virtual environment.
* Create server pools and repositories to support application workloads.
* Speed up virtual machine deployment with templates and virtual appliances.
* Use virtual machine high availability.
* Use server pool policies to maximize the performance of your server workloads.

Using the Oracle VM application-driven architecture is different from using traditional virtualization. Built with the application stack and manageability in mind, Oracle VM offers a complete lifecycle compute stack virtualization. This course delivers the skill to help you consolidate the server foot print, while acquiring the tools to deploy or consolidate application workloads to a virtualized environment or migrate to a open cloud infrastructure.

Learn Ease of Deployment and Management
Built to support all different workloads, with a specific emphasis on ease of deployment and management of Oracle applications, you’ll also learn to create server pools to take advantage of your existing storage and networking infrastructure. This will seamlessly manage storage from a central location using Oracle VM Storage Connect. Using features like anti-affinity groups and Dynamic Resource Scheduling policy, you’ll implement and manage the inter-connections between the virtual machines running your multi-tier enterprise applications.

Gain Hands-On Experience
Extensive hands-on practices will guide you through each step for building your virtual environment. With the skills acquired during these exercises, you can scale your virtual environment to support the most demanding workloads.

Oracle VM Main Components 22m
Oracle VM Functional Architecture 18m
Practice 1-1: Become Familiar with the Hosts and Networks in Your Lab Environment 4m
Practice 1-2: Access Your Lab Machine and Switch to the root User 2m
Practice 1-3: Access a Running Host with an Active Network Interface 4m
Practice 1-4: Access a Running Host with the xm vncviewer Command 3m

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