SQL Server Full Course SQL Server Tutorial For Beginners Learn MySQL Intellipaat

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SQL Server Full Course SQL Server Tutorial For Beginners Learn MySQL Intellipaat
SQL Server Full Course SQL Server Tutorial For Beginners Learn MySQL Intellipaat
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The most widely used open-source database program worldwide is MySQL, its popularity is increasing day by day. As a result, Intellipaat is back with yet another Big Live on SQL.
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What is SQL Server?
Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system or RDBMS, that was created and advertised by the company.
The foundation of SQL Server, like other RDBMS programs, is SQL, a widely used programming language for interacting with relational databases. Transact-SQL, also known as T-SQL, is a Microsoft implementation of SQL that includes a number of exclusive programming constructs. It is linked to SQL Server.

What is MySql?
One of the most well-known technologies in the current big data ecosystem is MySQL. It is obvious that anyone involved with enterprise data or general IT should at least aim for a basic familiarity with MySQL given that it is frequently referred to as the most popular database and is currently enjoying widespread, effective use across all industries.
When creating and maintaining anything from customer-facing web applications to potent, data-driven B2B services, MySQL is a critical component of many of the most well-liked software stacks.

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The following are covered in this video:
00:00:00 – Introduction to SQL Server
00:01:50 – Installation Guide and Brief Overview of SQL Server
00:35:13 – Creating, Using and Dropping Database in SQL
01:21:47 – Data Types Constraits in SQL
01:29:56 – Create Table, Select, Where and, OR and NOT Operator
02:12:27 – Numerical and Character Data Types
03:11:16 – Inner, Left, Right and Full Join in SQL
03:52:43 – Inset Intro, Update and Delete Statements in SQL
05:05:05 – Creating and Use Cases of Temporary Table
05:26:19 – Types of Functions in SQL
05:55:33 – Use Case of String, NULL and Aggregate Functions
06:25:13 – User Defined Function, Alter and Temporary Tables
06:52:43 – Case Statement, IF Function in SQL
07:11:20 – Complete Hands On and Important Interview Questions

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Why Learn SQL Server?
Easy to Comprehend:
Data that is stored in databases can be retrieved, managed, and accessed using Structured Query Language, also known as SQL. Due to their close resemblance to English, these questions are easy to comprehend.

Quick Access:
A user can quickly and easily access data whenever they need to. This is so that data can be organized and stored using SQL. The business can function more efficiently with such simple access to data.

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