Sysfs File System on Oracle Linux

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Sysfs File System on Oracle Linux
Sysfs File System on Oracle Linux
This video demonstrates how to manage the sysfs file system on Oracle Linux 8. This video describes the /sysfs file system, explains the lshw utility, describes the lshw-gui utility, and explains the sysctl utility.

0:00 Learning Objectives
0:31 The sysfs File System
1:19 Explore the /sys Directory
1:50 The lshw Utility
2:10 Running the lshw Demonstration
2:36 The lshw-gui Utility
2:57 Running the lshw-gui Demonstration
3:35 The sysctl Utility
4:26 Running the sysctl Demonstration
5:52 Summary
6:08 Learn More Links

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