Take Availability to the Max!

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Take Availability to the Max!
Take Availability to the Max!
Michael Nowak reviewed Oracle’s Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA)as it applies to Exadata. The key goal of MAA is to achieve optimal high availability, data protection and disaster recovery for Oracle customers at the lowest cost and complexity. MAA consists of Reference Architectures for various buckets of HA Service Level Agreements, configuration practices and HA Life Cycle operational best practices and are applicable for non-engineered systems, engineered systems, non-cloud and cloud deployments.


0:32 Michael Nowak introduction
1:01 Overview
2:15 Cost of Downtime and the importance of high availability (HA)
3:11 What is Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA)
5:11 What is MAA: MAA tiers
6:36 Exadata built from the ground up for HA
7:14 10 years of Exadata
7:44 Exadata’s Exachk origin
9:04 Unplanned outages topics
9:06 Do-not-service LED on Exadata storage server
10:04 Partnering in ASM
12:21 M.2 Drive Fast Failure Protection
14:51 Database tier I/O cancellation
17:49 Smart OLTP Caching
21:07 Smart Rebalancing for high redundancy diskgroups
24:34 Fast Node Death detection
25:59 What is a Disaster? and Data Guard Standby
28:52 Standby metrics: Redo apply rates, detection and fast-start failover
30:17 Planned maintenance topics
30:21 video demo: database node update using patch manager tool
32:50 video demo: Exadata online storage expansion using OEDACLI tool
36:08 Adding storage: Exadata AWR showing outlier detection and how cells cache data
39:09 Exadata MAA evolution & direction
40:17 Q&A Section
40:22 Q: Single Exadata rack HA? A:Rack full of redundancy, we don’t see rack failures
41:40 Q: What are the toughest problems you confront in HA? A: Sick/misbehaving components that don’t meet their own service levels (as opposed to fail-stop components) Hard to diagnose, e.g., take disk offline and diagnose via ORION.
44:12 Q: How do you find out that MAA is working well? A: IDC’s 5-nines, customer that reports 5 years of operation without issues

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