The five-step guide to SQL tuning CloudWorld 2022

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The five-step guide to SQL tuning CloudWorld 2022
The five-step guide to SQL tuning CloudWorld 2022
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It’s the age-old problem, and one of the most common questions posted on AskTom. What to do when a SQL statement—one that needs to run in 5 milliseconds—instead runs in 5 seconds, 5 minutes, or 5 hours? We start from this point in the process and show you the approach to take when investigating and resolving SQL performance problems. We cover various usage modes of DBMS_XPLAN to assess SQL performance, how to detect if an execution plan is the best plan, and quick tricks to buy you time while you focus on a permanent solution.

Watch Connor McDonald, developer advocate for SQL at Oracle, outline the five-step guide to SQL tuning at CloudWorld 2022.

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