The Future of Generative AI: What Enterprises Need to Know Oracle CloudWorld 2023

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The Future of Generative AI: What Enterprises Need to Know Oracle CloudWorld 2023
The Future of Generative AI: What Enterprises Need to Know Oracle CloudWorld 2023
Why use generative AI with Oracle? Find out more:

With its seemingly limitless potential to evolve industries, AI is revolutionizing the way businesses operate. As AI technology continues to evolve, it becomes easier to automate tasks, improve decision-making, and personalize customer experiences so businesses can achieve their goals more effectively. But what’s truly exciting about AI is the transformational change that’s starting to happen in the AI world with generative AI technologies. Learn about the latest advances in AI, how Oracle is addressing them, what Oracle plans in this space, and how you can take this information back to your businesses to overcome challenges and successfully implement AI.

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00:00 The Future of Generative AI: What Enterprises Need to Know—CloudWorld Artificial Intelligence Solution Keynote
00:36 What is Generative AI?
01:59 Generative AI Misconceptions
03:22 Demo—How Generative AI Can Make Work More Efficient
07:56 Difference Between Machine Learning (ML) and Generative AI
09:15 Large Language Models
11:00 Emeddings Model
11:48: Tasks to Complete with Generative AI
12:40 Example—Augment and Automate Repetitive, Manual Tasks with Content Generation
13:30 Example—Extract Key Concepts from Complex Inputs with Summarization
14:11 Example—Improve Quality of Human Outputs with Copyediting
15:05 Using Generative AI for the Enterprise
15:48 Three Ways Oracle is Transforming the Business Experience with Generative AI
17:46 Announcement—OCI Generative AI Service
18:29 Oracle Generative AI Advantages
20:32 Partnership with Cohere
21:20 Cohere Top Ranked in HELM Studies
23:38 Conversation with Cohere—Aidan Gomez, CEO and Cofounder
33:40 Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)
35:05 Vertical Industry Example—Oracle Primavera Cloud
36:05 Conversation with Josh Kanner, Oracle Senior Director of Product Strategy and Engineering
39:36 Demo—Oracle Primavera Cloud Gen AI Prototype: Scheduling
45:10 Oracle Brings AI to the Enterprise at Every Layer of Our Stack—SaaS Apps, AI Services, Data, Infrastructure
45:44 Oracle’s AI Is Enterprise Focused, Complete, Private and Secure
46:00 Oracle AI and OCI Capabilities
46:54 How to Request to Join the OCI Generative AI Beta Program

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