What Is the Smart Grid?

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What Is the Smart Grid?
What Is the Smart Grid?
Get the basics on how smart grid technology impacts you. Video Chapters below:

What is the smart grid? http://youtu.be/JwRTpWZReJkt0m00s

The Smart Home: http://youtu.be/JwRTpWZReJk#t1m14s

Renewable Energy: http://youtu.be/JwRTpWZReJk#t1m57s

Consumer Engagement: http://youtu.be/JwRTpWZReJk#t2m19s

Operation Centers: http://youtu.be/JwRTpWZReJk#t3m04s

Plug-in Electric Vehicles: http://youtu.be/JwRTpWZReJk#t4m28

To learn more about how smart grid technologies create a stronger, more reliable and effective electric grid visit: http://energy.gov/smart-grid

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