What is Virtual IP (VIP) #dailyDBA 22

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What is Virtual IP (VIP) #dailyDBA 22
What is Virtual IP (VIP) #dailyDBA 22
In this episode of daily DBA, I pick up 5 important #DBA related questions and give my answers! Do not forget to checkout BONUS QUESTION at the end of the video!

00:00 Virtual IP
02:07 What would you recommend as a DBA either to use sql profiles by sql tuning set or fixing plan by using sql plan management?
03:17 Why we put database in MOUNT RESTRICT mode before dropping database?
03:57 Can you explain SQL tuning advisor how to run and how to analyze it?
05:14 Difference between integrated capture and classic capture in golden gate? In integrated capture do we need to create the logminer database in source database or Oracle uses logminer mechanism?
07:53 What is virtual IP (HAIP) and how it is different from normal IP?
12:12 #dba Challenge!

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